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Redcat KMX-50

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50cc Spec Sheet

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 Brand new 2005 model Kazuma Redcat KMX 50 ATV/quad. super, super cool item for the little ones(up to 8 yrs old or so)...Retail price on 50cc atv's is in the $1500-$2000 range. Check in your local atv shop, then compare to this one if you like, as this has all the goodies, electric start, 4 stroke reilable honda type engine, safety cutoff, safety brake, warranty, adjustable governor,etc...Please read below for details. Decent Go karts cost much more than this!!! And, this is several steps above your typical go kart.
THIS IS A BRAND NEW 50cc - 4 - STROKE ATV...4 stroke engine equals no oil/gas mixing for you!!!!! Nice, nice, nice...
 THIS ITEM COMES WITH 6 MONTH MANUFACTURERS PARTS WARRANTY ON THE ENGINE. However, warranty issues are very very few and far between, almost nonexistant. Parts are readily available, and if there is not a REDCAT dealer near you, most honda and other Japanese parts are interchangable, and there is just no real big problem finding parts, especially given the popularity REDCAT/Kazuma has acquired lately.

Why is this a super safe machine for the little ones?
1. Adjustable throttle limiter so you can adapt engine power as his skill develops. Slow it down if you need to, until you, or your little atver is comfortable...
2. rear safety cut can attach a rope or string to the rear safety cutoff on this machine and follow your little atver and if, for any reason, you want to halt the movement of the machine, just pull the string, and the machine cuts off, very nice feature...
3. If you also want to slow it down, put it in first gear, and take off the shifter. Only one bolt holds it on, they you can limit your little one to a nice slow speed, and you can put the shifter back on as his skill develops.There is not a manual clutch & it will start in all gears.
4. nice large easy to use foot confusing hand brakes for the little ones.
5. nice simple operation. For all practical purposes, you can just gas it and go.

Product Description
Engine        49cc Air Cooled 4 stroke (No need to mix oil and gas)   
Max Power (kW/rpm)        2.3/8500   
Max Torque (N/M/rpm)        3.0/5000   
Ignition        12v CDI   
Start        Electric with a set of keys   
Transmission        Semi-automatic / No Hand Clutch   
Dimensions LxWxH        44.09" x 24.1" x 28.75   
Seat Height        22.4"   
Weight        156.2 LBS   
Tires        14.5 x 7 - 6   
Brakes        Rear Drum   
Top Speed        20 MPH   
Suspension        Rear Mono Shock   
Fuel Capacity        4.5 L   
Noise        Very, Very Quiet 35db   
Warranty        6 Months for Parts   
Colors        Red, Blue, Yellow or Green   
Safety Features        Kill switch, speed restrictor, headlight
Speed Restrictor (Governor):
You can adjust this down to 5 MPH while your child is learning to ride the ATV. Extra large brake for fast stopping.
Easy to use auto kill switch,
Emergency Engine Cut Off rear control. Attach a cord to the auto cutoff attachment and walk behind the child while riding. Pull the cord to cut of the engine in case of emergency.   
Suggested Retail Price        $1099   

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